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2024-25 Enrollment

Information and Instructions:

Enrollment is Thursday, August 1st, 2024 from 9:00-5:00 in the cafeteria.

Enrollment Forms Coming Soon:

*Please print & fill out ALL forms in your child's section and bring to enrollment.
*Enrollment Packets - PLEASE DO NOT PRINT ON BOTH SIDES (some forms go to different offices within the school).
*Lunch Application - PLEASE PRINT ON BOTH SIDES (if you do not qualify, please put student name(s) on form, sign, and turn in). You do not need to print the lunch app instructions but they are available below:

Please bring the day of enrollment:
*Birth Certificate
*Current up-to-date Immunization Records or a completed and signed exemption form
*CDIB Card and Tribal Membership Card (If applicable)
*Proof of Residence (utility bill, lease agreement)
*Legal Custody Paperwork

*HS Student Drivers - License, Insurance, $5 Parking Permit Fee

*Elementary Activity Fee $30 


Elementary Enrollment Forms (PK-6th) 

Note: Pre-K Screenings were by appointment only in April 2023, please contact Ms. Kim if this has not been completed prior to enrollment. 
Middle/High School Enrollment Forms (7-12th)
*All students entering the 7th grade must show proof they have had the T-Dap Booster to be enrolled.
*HIGH SCHOOL DRIVERS ONLY:  All students driving to school will be required to purchase a $5 parking permit (must show driver's license & current insurance coverage to drive to school). 

Athletic Forms:

RE: Students 5-12th grade participating in sports.