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2022-23 Enrollment Forms Coming Soon!

Information and Instructions:

*Download Enrollment Forms to fill in. 
*Please fill out all forms in your child's section.
*Some forms will not be fillable, simply print, fill in, and sign.
*EVERYONE needs to fill out a lunch app (if you do not qualify, please put students name(s) on form, sign, and turn in). 
*Indian Ed form: Please fill out if you are native american with or without a CDIB and/or tribal membership card. 


Enrollment for PreK-12th grades Tuesday, AUGUST 3, 2022 from 9:00am to 5:00pm 

*All forms will also be available at enrollment.


Please bring the day of enrollment:
*Birth Certificate
*Current up-to-date Immunization Records or a completed and signed exemption form
*CDIB Card and Tribal Membership Card (If applicable)
*Proof of Residence (utility bill, lease agreement)
*Legal Custody Paperwork

*HS Student Drivers - License, Insurance, $5 Parking Permit Fee

*Elementary Activity Fee $30 


 Elementary (PK-6th) 

Note: Pre-K Screenings were by appointment only in April 2021, please contact the school if this has not been completed prior to enrollment. 
Middle/High School (7-12th)
*All students entering the 7th grade must show proof they have had the T-Dap Booster to be enrolled.
*HIGH SCHOOL DRIVERS ONLY:  All students driving to school will be required to purchase a $5 parking permit (must show driver's license & current insurance coverage to drive to school). 

Athletic Forms:

RE: Students 5-12th participating in sports.

*If you attended the physical clinic last spring you may not need to fill out these forms.