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Health Protocol: Springer Schools will follow guidance from the State Dept of Ed, the State Department of Health and/or the CDC as appropriate to each unique situation. All classrooms have been provided with additional hand sanitizers and any student and staff member can be provided with a mask if requested. 
Teachers will be given additional PPE such as gloves and/or face shields when requested. The school building will still be sanitized frequently to disinfect frequently touched areas. 
Older HVAC units will be replaced to improve ventilation. All classrooms have removed unnecessary items to allow students the ability to use social distancing. Desks have been separated to provide additional space and students will be encouraged to use “individual use” items. Additional time will be allotted to go over new procedures. Classroom air purifiers will be used where appropriate. Cohort groups will be used in the elementary to allow students limited exposure to the entire student body. 
The cohort groups will be PreK & K, 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, and 5th & 6th. Junior high and high school students will have assigned seating in each class. In the event that a student or staff member tests positive for Covid19, the administrators will initiate contact tracing and begin notifying the students and staff of the positive case and any potential exposure and quarantine measures when necessary. We will work with our DHS Liaison to ensure appropriate contacts are made with individuals. Typically, a quarantine will only affect those who have been in close contact with the positive case. 

Masks: Masks are not required at this time. Masks can be worn by students or staff as they choose. Please be respectful to those who choose to wear a mask or not wear a mask. Those with medical conditions may be exempt. Students or staff who exhibit symptoms of illness or fever, will be provided with a paper mask to wear until leaving the building. Instruction on appropriate mask wearing will be provided along with paper masks. 

Remote Learning: Remote learning in COVID19 quarantines or school closures remains an opportunity for extended learning. 

Visitors and Service Providers: Currently, visitors to the building are allowed, when scheduled and appropriate.  Service Providers will still be allowed into the building to serve students. We will allow parents to come in to check out a child for illness or injury. Events like “Back to School” night or Parent Teacher Conferences will be in person if the risk of illness remains low. 
Vaccination: A vaccination clinic will be provided at enrollment for anyone who wouldlike to receive the COVID19 vaccination. Screenings will be done when appropriate to reduce exposure to other.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Group Assemblies: Students will still be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities as long as it is deemed safe. We will ask that students and staff practice a “Wash In-Wash Out” method with either soap and water or hand sanitizer any time students or staff are in a common use area such as copiers, computers, recess or physical education. 

Transportation: We will continue to transport students. In the event of increasing numbers of COVID19 cases, we will use family cohort groups for seating. Busses will be regularly sanitized and cleaned. 

Food Service: Meals will be provided in the safest manner possible. Seating will be assigned by class. Staggered meal times will be used to help reduce cafeteria crowding. Some meals may be served in the classrooms if needed. If students are quarantined and need meal service, please contact the school administrator.

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Open Transfer Information: Updated July 2024

Beginning with the 2024-2025 School Year, all transfer forms will need to be submitted electronically using the link on the SDE website. If you need assistance contact Mr. Webb at the Superintendent's office.